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About Us

Goals of Divine Circle of Light

To enhance the awareness of one's divine self and show how we are all interconnected by the Holy Spirit of Godly LOVE.



Christ in me creates my world.


To be a blessing to everyone, as we are indeed blessed with every good thing, and only joy reigns supreme in our lives forever more.


Know thyself and with all thy getting, get understanding; to thine own self be true and thou canst be false to no man.

Book: Spiritual Beauty

Do you want to experience spiritual beauty such as love, joy, happiness, and harmony in your life?  Of course, we all do.  This book is written to help readers strengthen their relationship with God, regardless of their religious beliefs.  It is based upon spiritualizing our consciousness.  For example, if you want more love in your life, unpack all the unforgiveness, hatred, and jealousy.  Then, entertain more loving thoughts and actions.  This book is written to bridge the gap between living in the spirit and living in the flesh.  Your heart will open to the light of the divine!

Pastor/Founder Divine Circle of Light


Pastor and Founder of the Divine Circle of Light,

Lureen Slater aka as Lureen Carryl-Slater has been married to Joey Paul Slater for twenty-nine years. They  have a son, Christopher John Slater. Lureen has two Bachelor Degrees: Business Administration and Metaphysics. In addition, she has two Master Degrees: Teaching Mathematics and Metaphysics. Lureen is the author of the book "Spiritual Beauty," as well as the composer/singer of the songs: “I Am God” and “Colorful God I Am.”  

Her passion is to elevate the self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness of all near and far.  She believes that God is a spirit existing in individuals regardless of color or creed.  Love is of God. We are His image and likeness. Let us love one another in spirit and in truth.